If you are a first time user or unsure of how to use our site, this page will familiarize you with some of the basic formats and answer some of the frequently asked questions about this site. In any event, you can always call the CTSLink/SecuritiesLink Customer Service at Toll Free at 866-846-4526 during normal business hours (8:00AM to 5:30PM Eastern Time) and one of our representatives will be glad to answer any of your questions.

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  • How to change your email address  
    1. When logged in, go to My Account at the top.
    2. Click on Email Information
    3. In the To change your email address (which will then need to be verified) section: enter in your updated email address and hit Update.
    4. Email address changes require additional authentication and you will be prompted to log off. Select Proceed. Click Ok to be logged off.
    5. Log back on and Click Accept to the Pending Changes to your Email Information.
    6. Click ok on the dialogue box. You will then be told to verify your email. Click ok.
    7. An Email verification code has been sent to your email. Copy that token code being sure not to get any spaces at the beginning or the end. Paste the token into the Email Verification code.
    8. Select the radio button next to your notification preference.
    9. Click the Complete Verification button.
    10. Click the ok button on the dialogue box thanking you for updating your email.
    11. Your email is now changed and verified.
  • Notice Regarding Current Credit Ratings  Notice Regarding Current Credit Ratings

  • New Deals  September 2022 New Deals
  • I would like to be notified when a deal updates. What are my options?  Emails are sent out in coordination with our daily processing. If you would like to be notified of updates please see below on how to update your preferences.

    To be notified when a Periodic Report has been updated, reports should first be added to your MyReports Section. To add a report, navigate to the deal you are interested in on CTSLink. Check the download boxes next to the file icons you wish to copy and click Add to MyReports.

    To be notified when a Special Notice, or any other document has been posted such as Deal Documents, or Additional Documents, you will need to add the deal to My Series. To add a report, navigate to the deal you are interested in on CTSLink. Select the Add to MySeries button.
    To be notified when a deal posts an investor Q&A or has terminated, you will need to add the deal to My Series.

    Once you have updated MyCTSlink with the deals you are interested in, click on the MyCTSLink link at the top of the screen. There you may update your notification preferences.
    For MyReports, check the Notify Checkmark for the deal, and click the Update Notifications button.
    For MySeries, select the checkmark for Special Notice, Other Documents, Terminations or Forum Questions based on your interests, and click the Update Notifications button.

    Ensure you have email notifications are turned on, by going to My Account and Notification Preferences, select to be notified immediately or daily. Turn off all Email Notifications will turn off notification

  • My company is not listed in the Market Data Provider Certification. How do I get access?  Approved Market Data Providers for a deal are generally approved at deal closing. Those Data Providers are listed in the Market Data Provider Certification on CTSLink. If your company is not listed in the Market Data Provider Certification but you would like to be, you will need to obtain permission from the Depositor to be listed.
  • MyNotices - About  This feature provides a quick summary of updates on-screen and provides a mechanism to display mandatory update information independent of a user's email notification preference settings. The on-screen information can also be exported to an MS Excel file for user convenience.
    The Default view shows all unread messages. Use the "View More" function to view up to the last 45 days of notices.
  • MyReports - Pagination  A pagination feature has been implemented to better manage page display when viewing long report listings. The MyReports page will now paginate when users' listings exceed 100 reports.
  • Notification Preferences - About  The Notification Preference feature allows users to designate the way they receive Email notifications. From your "My Account" section you may choose between; real-time Email notification, daily summary Email notification or elect to disable all Email notifications.